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Hank HamiltonHank Hamilton

Welcome Tony from Germany,
Yes, as Ian says, holes 1 and 2 can be a problem, especially at the beginning. Too often the harmonica is blamed and the real problem is that one must learn to “breath through the harmonica and not forcefully draw and blow through it. I remember having trouble with those holes early on; and also with the high notes of the harp. it’s about having an open throat; say “Ahhh” as you breath through the harp. Here is a link to a Liam Ward video in which he gives some good advice.

I would bet that the problem is about breath control more than anything. But we would need to hear what it is that you are doing, what it sounds like. So here is a suggestion for you. Mitch put up a new Audio forum site about a month ago and it was done for just this purpose; to allow members to record and post examples of their playing and get valuable feedback from members and from Mitch himself.

So. record what holes 1 and 2 sound like and upload it onto the audio forum for some quick advise.

Hank Hamilton