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Hank HamiltonHank Hamilton

Bill, I am home after our 1 month trip from California to Pennsylvania and back; great trip and so happy to be home again.
About bending frustrations; same thing over and over – learning to bend notes can take a long time, longer for some than for others. You just have to stick with it and keep trying despite the sense of not making any progress.
You say you want help; here is what I suggest: make a recording of your attempts at bending. For example, record yourself playing the bending exercises in Steps 5 and 6. If I or someone else in Mitch’s Course can hear what you can do now, some helpful tips may be provided. So record your bending attemps and post the recording in the new Audio forum Mitch started a month ago. I just looked and no one has posted anything in it as yet, so you could be the first.

If you need some help with recording let me know. I have attached a file with contact info if you want to do so.


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