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AvatarDanny B

Thank you, Bill!

I ruined my first harp (Hohner blues harp) bending, the 2 draw used to work fine but now it neither plays the draw nor bends much, the sound is quite off.

Therefor I binged and bought 2 (!) new harps, a Lee Oskar and a Hohner special 20.

The advantage is, I realized how differently harps behave:
– both new harps are much easier to play bends on than my first
– the Lee Oskar is easy to play, bends easily, and has replace reeds (in case I ruin it again)
– the Hohner special 20 is much more responsive than the Hohner Blues Harp, bends as easy as the Lee Oskar, and has a fuller sound
(I do not know what Mitch plays, but might be this Hohner!)

When trying lick of the week 1, going from the 2 hole full tone bend to 1 draw was a charm on the Hohner, while the Lee Oskar does not have such a full, loud sound on the bend (at least not the way I play!), so the 1 draw is much louder.

Now, whenever I struggle with a bend, I try the other harp and get it working there.
Then, when I have an idea what to do with my mouth, I play it on both harps.

So, my bad luck of breaking the first harp has turned out into something good.

Good to see you around,