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Hank HamiltonHank Hamilton

Hey Bill, just a couple of comments here and some unsolicited advice:
I am not particularly new to the harmonica as I have tried to learn to play this thing several times over a 50 year period, only to lay it aside in frustration each time. This time is a bit different; I started again back in May of 2018, and I seem to be making some progress tho slow it is for sure.

Most people experience troubles with learning to bend notes in the beginning. Just knowing this can be a big help to you. Keep at it and you will get it, guaranteed.

One suggestion is to try to bend each of the draw notes from holes 1-6 (hole 5 only bends slightly). Some holes are easier to bend than others, but this is different for each person. The 1 and 4 holes were easier for me, I still have trouble with the 3 hole bends; mainly with playing them in-tune.

I shared some bending advice in the Forum that was given to me way back in the beginning; I found it to be helpful. Go into the Forum and search for post #11791, or do a search for Hank Hamilton. I think you will find it to be as helpful as it was for me. Be encouraged to ask questions; this Forum should be ,and can be a good source of encouragement, I think.
Hank H