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Hello all,

I was scrolling down through the forum topics and ran across this one. I was excited because I had just posted one about a helpful hint for vibrato. Then I had a great laugh because I actually titled it “metronome help with vibrato”… 😀 LOL Life can be so hilarious sometimes!

I am really glad that it happened this way though, because I think that the metronome has been like training wheels for me and has been a great help. Going really slow and methodically and then speeding up, I feel has helped me to build up and become used to using those throat muscles. And although I have gotten a lot better with the technique it still sounds very regimented and mechanical. It is not that beautiful flow that happens when you play. So I will take off the training wheels now and ride the bike! woohooo!

So I guess for me that it is a yes and a yes when it comes to the metronome. I am thankful that I saw this and thanks for your emphasis on the Natural tempo and letting it flow, Mitch. That is just what I needed to hear. Good luck to you Curry!