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AvatarTom van der Spek

@ Shawn,

Thank you very much!

I made the beats, as well as any other instrument (except for the harp) on the computer.
I’ve been making music on the pc for nearly 8 years so I know how to work my way around it., but all I always wanted was to add live instruments.
As you can hear, everything except for the harmonica is pretty “static”, it sounds kinda copy/paste but I think If I spend more time on that, i’m able to make it more “dynamic”. (add the same sound but lower in volume or pitched a little to make it more “alive”)
The drums are made on a small program (VST) called “Beatbox 2” and the “organ/riff/synth/thing” was a completely overhauled acoustic guitar sample.
The “chill part/break” was made on a VST called “Spacepad” and the bass guitar was a MIDI object, given it’s sound by “VITA”
Every puzzle part was placed together in “magix music maker” which is a pretty easy to use music program, which I’d suggest for beginners! (If you ever feel like producing)

I’m glad you liked it!
– Tom