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Mitch GraingerMitch Grainger

Hi Ken,

The ten hole can be a little stiff on a brand new harmonica, but it should not be 4 times more difficult to play. There’s a few factors involved but if you are getting a note out of it eventually then your harmonica is ok. One trick is to play the hole really softly and then increase the velocity and volume gradually until you ht the reeds sweet spot.

Then, Folkmaster harmonicas are mid level and the ten hole should be fine.. but in the mid level range they can come out of the box with a few kinks that might need tightening up. The gap between the reed and the reed plate may be to big or too small.. coincidentally this will be the topic of my next tool shed video.

I hope that helps, and if the problem does not resolve itself look out for that video on ‘gapping’ coming soon.