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Hi Mitch and fellow harpers
I’ve just made a small but it feels like significant step forward in the improvising. I got the idea from someone that I was watching on YouTube. What it is, is when you hear a neat riff from another musician, even from a completely different genre is to mimic it then re-work it until it becomes “your-own”, using the notes that make up the blues scale. Then when improvising work this newly moulded riff into a bluesy feel and during your improvisation you can keep coming back to it while improvising further. After a while of playing you seem to get a feel for what’s working and what’s not. It’s a great feeling when you gat a bit of rhythm going! Sometimes the newly moulded riff mutates into something that doesn’t resemble the original piece, but hey, that I guess is the beauty of discovery…

It could be argued that this isn’t improvising when you’re copying from someone else and this would be a fair point! However, I found in reworking a piece that already sounds great it gets your creativity going and is cool to experiment with changing the note combinations while keeping the timing the same (or different). I found that this,, re-working, is where the magic seems to lie rather than in the mere copying.

As in all forms of copying it’s only right that you give credit where credit is due…..

Have a great weekend.