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Howdy Mitch and fellow harpers,

Thanks for reaching out, Mitch, and getting us to interact more with the course. I am currently on step number 17. At first, the idea of improvising was a little mysterious because I didn’t know any licks, but I figured I would start from the beginning and just use it as an opportunity to practice my blues scale. Wow, this really took my playing to a whole new level. I started off just doing the train chug twice through and then throwing in a portion of the 2nd position blues scale…example train chug -2 to 6 train chug 6 to -2 …9 to -4 basically root notes to root notes. This was great because I started to learn how to hit the 6 or the 9 from a chug on the low end of the harmonica. This started to lead to repeating different parts of the scale and mixing it up and before I knew it..I was improvising!!! It was great because I didn’t think I knew how to. Thanks for the idea to just start with playing the scale. After this I started coming up with different chugs. These where much easier for me to come up with on my own and wow was it fun! The days of practice were over…it was all just fun now!!….Well at least that’s what I thought until I got to throat vibrato and blow bending:D actually I am joking because I am a total nerd when it comes to practicing these techniques. I love the challenge, keep it coming! Happy harpin to all of you