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Mitch GraingerMitch Grainger

Hi Curry!

Firstly, wow, nice going you’re up to step 29 already!!

In answer to your question. There are three minor scales (modes) that can be derived using the notes of any major diatonic scale.

You are getting the most commonly taught natural minor mode, Aeolian which is formed of the 6th degree of the diatonic major scale confused with Dorian mode, which is formed off the 2nd degree of a major diatonic scale.

Dorian Is the one I teach you to use in conjunction with your 3rd position scale for that real minor blues sound.. and as you have learned there is just one note different from Aeolian mode!

Here’s something to try and wrap your head around next.. your Eb major diatonic scale can be used to play in C minor, using Aeolian mode… but i digress! 🙂

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