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Mitch GraingerMitch Grainger

Hi Ofir!

Yes you will. The tongue makes it easier to bend and is used much like ‘lever’ that releases the bend, however the main work is being done by the breath.

In the past (and some to this day) people would use tongue blocking to play single holes and would then bend without having free movement of the tongue, as it was fixed on the harmonica.

As with everyone, to do a bend you will need to switch from a relaxed open breath for a normal note to constricting your throat and breathing from deeper back in your throat for a bend. Without the harmonica in your mouth this bend breath kind of sounds like ‘darth Vader’!

Without full use of your tongue you will just have a little less control in the beginning, needing more trial and error, but you can do it, no worries! 😊