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Mitch GraingerMitch Grainger

Hi Nadia!

I think that’s a great Idea! It was compulsory where I grew up to learn the Recorder in 2nd and 3rd grade, and I always thought through my teens I wish they had taught me harmonica instead! 🙂

There really is a lot of similarities. Just like the recorder, the harmonica is tuned to play in a particular key and can be played and learned quite easily using standard notation or with it’s own tab. I’m not sure how it works in Florida, but If you have a curriculum of songs that must be taught it may be possible (though possibly time consuming) to simply transpose them from one form of tab to another (recorder to harmonica). Or, if teaching with standard notation, then the children will just need to learn the location of the major scale notes on the harmonica…

If I can help in anyway let me know… and In the meantime I’ll be adding my new content in standard notation as well as the tab very soon, which may be helpful for you in the future..


P.s. I do know of a few father & son teams here at that tell me they are having a lot of fun learning together, with great results!